Automatic espresso machine is a good example of the production in the economy

Production in the economy means a sharp increase in demand for a certain product. The espresso machine has seen tremendous growth in production because of its effectiveness and time-saving tactics it possesses. Many businesses have seen it a better way to save on salary costs of a tea girl. The automated machine ensures there is a constant flow of coffee to welcome your visitors as well as make them feel at home.

The value the machine has on customer service and retention explains the sharp increase in the economic growth rate. There is little input you require to acquire the machine. All you require is constant electricity supply since it is an electric machine. Manufacturers contribute significantly to the economy through tax payments. This means they pay taxes because of massive production and sale of the equipment.

Since its inception, the machine has been globally used with many orders from outside the continent who want to ship the machine to their countries.People are loving Delonghi ESAM for coffee and other espresso machine brands.This is one of  the coffee lovers must have. Blue chip companies in emerging economies have disseminated the concept to their regional offices. Most companies who value professionalism invest in the machine for their offices to supply coffee to their visitors and employees.

Automatic espresso machine and espresso machine filter requires limited human input in its operation, allowing employees to concentrate on their job without any distraction. Some employees also forgo lunches to rely on coffee supplied by the office, meaning spending more time in the office for productive work.

Economic growth and economic development are all integrated. The growth of the production industry has a direct positive impact on the development of other sectors of the economy. The industries manufacturing the raw materials for the production of automatic espresso machine will have to expand to meet the high demand from espresso machine manufacturers. Other sectors include coffee production, transport and shipping companies among other enterprises. The ripple effect is massive growth of all sector of the economy.

Exportation of the machine has a significant growth of the economy. The exporting country earns from the sales of the machines and taxation from the importing country. Production completes the business supply chain; it also leads to the creation of other related businesses, which contribute to the growth of the country. To some extent, when there is massive exportation to a specific country to increase sales, manufacturers open assembling plants to reduce the importation cost as well as target the local market, this means increases sales revenue for the machine.

Increased demand means stiff competition, other manufacturers mushroom with cheaper products to meet the demand for the low-end market. Although it compromises on quality because of pricing plan, it creates awareness of the machine to stakeholders making it a must-have appliance for offices and home. What does this mean? Increased demand for the machine and massive penetration to the rural market.

The automatic espresso machine is a good illustration of economic growth and development through production. Massive production is because of increased demand for the product.


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