How to Create a More Environmentally Sustainable Office

There are lots of benefits associated with implementing sustainable practices in your business. Energy-efficient workspaces are typically cheaper to manage. Also, sustainable design is drafted to entice employees and customers. For instance, about 80% of all employees equate clean indoor air quality with their job satisfaction.

Changing a few common workplace habits can have a significant effect on your business’s CO2 footprint. If you have strategic sustainability goals, here are five quick tips for a greener office.

Go Paperless

With growing eco-awareness, there is a clear need for paperless offices. Going paperless means exchanging and storing information digitally. Going paperless by utilizing electronic document management systems helps save you the money that you spend on paper, ink, storage space.

Physical office space is also saved with the reduction of storing documents. Going paperless also reduces the direct impact that your company has on the environment.

Ditch the Plastic

Plastic sticks around in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife, and contributing to global warming. If you want your business to reduce its carbon footprint, you should encourage your employees to eat whole foods and fruits rather than processed foods distributed in plastic containers.

In our plastic-filled world, avoiding plastic in the workplace can be pretty challenging.

For starters, use reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottles. Instead of plastic wrap, you can use glass containers or beeswax food wraps. If a straw is a must, purchase a reusable stainless steel or woodcutter that can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The last major place you can make a difference in recycling is at work. Office recycling programs can reduce the amount of trash created and preserve resources. Explain to the management that a recycling program within the workplace will help the environment around them.

To make it easy for people in your workplace to recycle, get office recycling bins for paper waste. Don’t put the recycling bins in the deepest, darkest corner of the office. Similarly, clear communication is very important to ensure that people use the recycling bins. Popular materials suitable for recycling in the workplace include mixed paper (e.g., copy/printer paper, newspaper, brochures, magazines), cardboard, and beverage containers.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Most commercial cleaning products are full of super-toxic ingredients. These ingredients release toxic chemicals into the air. One way to solve this is to use non-toxic cleaning products that don’t have secondary effects and can be safely used around people of all ages.

Non-toxic cleaning products are naturally derived from safe and biodegradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment or your staff’s health. Common non-toxic substances include things like white vinegar, washing soda, and baking soda.

Bring Nature Indoors

Working in an environment that includes plants reduces carbon dioxide levels.

Adding plants to your office can also help clean the air because they absorb pollutants, dust, and bacteria present in the air. Furthermore, trees and plants in the office are used to reduce background noise. Place your plants in a spot with good air circulation, such as near hallways.

If your office plant needs light, put it near a window, but not too close. When choosing plants for the office, it’s important to think about branches and foliage that could start to get in the way.

Getting Started Creating a positive work environment will yield better results for your company. However, becoming a sustainable office takes time, practice, and initiative. These tips will help you get started.

6 Tips for Making Our Homes Eco-Friendly

Now more than ever, it’s vital to maintain an eco-friendly environment. Human activities have continued to influence the ecosystem in diverse ways.

Changing our approach to how we handle the ecosystem as individuals will help produce the overall desired healthy ecosystem. Starting from our homes, we can make better choices on how we directly impact the environment.

Some of the suggestions we provide in this article will help you make necessary adjustments in your home. The little changes you make on your current lifestyle will aid in significant ways, to bring about the needed healthy environment.

1.  Your Home Decoration

How you decorate your home will help make it elegant and attractive to your visitors. Making the right choice of decorations can make your home beautiful and eco-friendly.

Using potted plants will help keep the air in your home fresh and filtered. Also, natural plants and flowers add bright and welcoming colors to your home and help your visitors feel more relaxed. Taking care of the plants in your home could require a little effort on your part, but the beauty is entirely worth your time.

Matching curtains and blinds will help add to the beauty of your flowers. Beyond making your home beautiful, curtains help to keep heat out during hot seasons and cold out during the cold seasons. It’ll help reduce your use of the air conditioner and reduce effects on the environment.

2.  Use Your Kitchen Smartly

Ensure you’re not using more energy in your kitchen than is required. Some people prefer using the oven for their toast in place to the toaster. They think the oven is more efficient. But the toaster uses less energy and toasts your bread better.

Reduce food waste, when you have excess food, use the refrigerator to preserve them. Always ascertain your refrigerator is in proper working conditions. Check the compressor and other refrigerating components regularly, and ensure a high flow of the cooling gases that preserves the fridge content.

Close your oven and refrigerator doors after each use, and don’t leave them open for long. The longer the doors remain open, the more energy gets wasted.

3.  Consider Drying Lines

The washing machine makes use of significant energy for drying clothes. It directly impacts on your utility bills and affects the ecosystem.

Using clothing lines to dry your clothes instead, will significantly reduce the energy consumed by your washing machine. You’ll equally reduce your utility bills—a win-win for you and the environment.

4.  Save All the Energy You Can

Replace all the lighting in your home with energy-saving bulbs. These are eco-friendly, low cost, efficient lighting bulbs that are fit for your home. Using energy bulbs will help reduce your utility bills and put more money in your pocket.

Unplug any appliance that’s out of use. Whenever you’re leaving home, check again, and ensure all your devices and switches are off.

5.  Eliminate Water Waste

The availability of water directly affects nature. Consuming less water in your home will make more available for the ecosystem, and millions of other people living in a water shortage.

Instead of running the tap continuously while doing the dishes, using a bowl is a better alternative. Don’t just leave the shower on, use only the right amount of water you need. All of these add to the amount of water wasted in our homes.

Use water filters to ensure the water supplied to your home is safe for drinking and other use. Using water filters in place of buying plastics will save you cost and reduce the number of plastic waste on the environment.

6.  Plant a Garden

Use the extra space around your home for a homegrown garden. Your garden will encourage an eco-friendly environment.

Plant any crop of your choice on the garden, and nurture them. You can opt for vegetables and other herbs that’ll produce what you need for cooking. Besides, you’ll have something to keep you busy, watering, and tending your garden.

Your garden can also provide shelter for some reptiles, and thereby encourage the survival of wildlife.


Having a healthy, eco-friendly home is easy to achieve. It only requires a few adjustments on how you currently handle some things in your home. Also, maintaining an eco-friendly home will significantly save you cost and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

How to Plan an Environment-Friendly Outdoor Cookout

Are you planning a party, reunion, or a patio cookout barbecue with co-workers, friends, or neighbors? And you want to plan and organize this while considering the environment. Continue reading.

It’s vital to consider every aspect of our daily activities, including a harmless cookout party. For example, while the environmental impact of grilling is negligible to some extent, it has shown to contribute to air pollution and our carbon emissions. You can make your cookout green, adding some changes to your grill process and the type of products you use throughout the party. Use these to make your outdoor cookout more environmentally friendly.

If you’re planning a cookout for a large or small gathering, you’ll be excited to bring out the old fallbacks: bottled beer, packaged meat, paper plates, canned drinks, and plastic tableware. Regrettably, although these will create effortlessness and convenience, they also come with several avoidable adverse environmental effects and waste. Before we highlight several eco-friendly points for your cookout, let’s point out some factors to consider for an outdoor party.

Elements to Consider

·        Plan Properly

Please make a list and go through it thoroughly to make sure you have everything for the cookout.

·        Attendees

Make a list of who is attending. (Don’t forget to send invites and reminders when the cookout day draws near). Send it digitally.

·        When (Date/Time)

Summers and holidays are best for an outdoor party. There are holidays, including Labor Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July. 

·        Location

A Local Restaurant/Event Venue, Your Own Backyard/Patio, a local body of water, a lake, river, ocean or your Cul-de-sac (A block party)

·        Menu

Pick the right combination and choices of food for categories of those who will be attending. It’s also vital to pick food that you will comfortably prepare. Some other factors include the number of guests, location, time, and budget (steak or burgers). Will there be main dish side dishes, appetizers, dessert, nibbles, or take-home? Overall make sure that the food is environment friendly.

·        Music and Games

Keep the games simple and reduce noise. Remember that noise is pollution too.

Use These Tips to Plan an Environment-Friendly Cookout

1.   Avoid Charcoal Blocks

  • You will find them in many stores, but the effect of low-cost charcoal isn’t as simple as its price. Firstly, using wood or charcoal emits smoky particles that can stay in the lungs, inflaming asthma, and other respiratory difficulties. Besides, hazardous composites, including benzene, are released into the air.
  • To lessen the effect of burning charcoal, search for the cleanest way out. Use gas instead if you can. Gas grills produce fewer pollutants and are more energy-efficient than charcoal grills. Since many grills have a natural gas preference, use natural gas because it burns cleaner than propane girls and is the cleanest fossil fuel.
  • Another option is an outdoor electric grill that is run by renewable energy. 
  • If you have to use charcoal, buy natural charcoal manufactured from hardwood with no additives and generates a reduced amount of ash when smoldered than briquettes. However, try to light the charcoal with a natural ignition agent like fatwood or invest in an electric charcoal starter or charcoal chimney.

2.   Use Non-Plastic Plates & Flatware

  • It’s easy to throw used plastic cutlery, cups into the garbage after barbecue’s over, but that does more harm to the environment than you think. Moreover, it’s a waste of cash, and one-use plates and tableware add to loads of plastic waste reeling in oceans and many landfills.
  • If the cookout event occurs in your backyard, make use of glassware, cups, plates, and the cutlery you have in the kitchen. Using public place, use re-usable plastic and bio-degradable (compostable cutlery) alternatives manufactured with sugar cane or bamboo. It is also advisable to purchase re-usable canopies that are useful in every event.

3.   Choose Local Meat & Produce

  • Use more vegetables. Purchase meat from your local market. Buy grass-fed beef, vegetables, and produce that is grown by a local farmer. If there’s a farmer’s market in your area, visit it in advance to order what you need for your cookout.
  • Besides, trim excess fat from meat before and while you cook it. It will reduce flare-ups, make the meat healthier, and inadvertently limit the exposure of dangerous chemicals to the environment.

4.   Drink Eco-Friendly Beverages

  • Many people find it convenient to load their trucks or cars with beer, soda and dump them in a cooler for a party. It’s easier to do that, and many Americans dispose of heaps of aluminum beverage cans every year. Only a small amount of it gets recycled, and a considerable percentage gets dumped at landfills. If children are at the cookout, make huge decanters/flasks of punch, iced tea, that pour quickly into cups.
  • For the grownups and adults, pick organic and local beers in a keg manufactured in a local brewery.  If there won’t be many beer drinkers at the party, opt for glass bottles because glass is a solid that is recycled continuously without dropping quality, purity, and strength. If there will be wine, prepare your portable wine coolers and a glass cup container. 
  • Prepare a container for guests to drop empty bottles so that it will be easily disposed of and recycled after the party. It would be best if you also chose eco-friendly beer.

5.   Make a Plan for Leftovers

Food wastage isn’t a good thing. You may pack food in little bags for guests to take home. Another thing you can do is put a portion of food available on display and refill if needed so that the rest can be easily refrigerated and used later.


With preparation and flexibility, you can organize a great cookout with delicious food and drink with environmental sustainability.

Vegetables You Can Grow At Home For Your Dogs

It’s a very common topic of a dog owner that which foods will be best for my pet. But a huge number of people don’t know about it properly! So sometimes we give our adorable dogs to eat randomly eaten foods that we take like snacks or junk foods. Often it can be dangerous for their health. Again we have to keep a monthly food budget for them. It’s a matter of great worry. ln this review you guys will be informed about this.

Apple: Apple is a very nutritious fruit that can easily be grown in your garden. Moreover, it is also can be the best food for contains vitamin A and C.Also fiber. But note that, the seeds should not be fed to your does not like the dogs to eat with seeds.

Broccoli: It is one of the best vegetables that you can grow in your garden. It’s very easy to grow. You can feed broccoli to your dogs is a plentiful source of vitamin A You can also supply it to the local market for sailing It would be your source of income.

Banana: Banana is the most common fruit. It can easily be grown to your rear garden. If you have sufficient space in front of the home. You can feed a banana to your dogs It can fill the lack in of potassium, fiber, and vitamins to your dog. But notice that it should not have the cover in banana. Cut them in tiny pieces.

Spinach: Spinach is a most common leaf vegetable which contains huge vitamin A in C.It is small leaf You can even easily plant them if you have small places besides home as it is a bush type tree. So, you can feed your dogs as daily food. Thus you can save your money too.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is too much vitamin A container vegetable. Which can make your dogs body more strong in the immune system. But it should be mashed well, not mixed. Feed them plain pumpkin mash. This vegetable you can grow your field or roof easily.

Carrot: Carrot can be a nutritious snack for your dogs It’s not only the tasty foods also a vitamin A provider. Carrot can be grown in your garden easily Even it has a small space of your home.

Cucumber: Cucumber is a vegetable which can easily be grown in your garden.lf you can properly take care of the plants It’s very plenty of mineral and vitamin C.It would be a best daily food for dogs You can also eat cucumber as a salad.

Sweet potato: Sweet potato tree is a small placed vegetable which you can grow in one corner of your garden. It is a store of carbohydrates. It makes your dog’s body strong and healthy.

Green bean and simple bean: There are two types of beans. If you have sufficient place in your home, you can grow a green bean. If not you can grow a simple bean in one corner of your home. It can fill the nutrition of your family and dogs. Dogs are too much fond of these vegetables.

Green Brussels: It is very tasty and necessary vegetables for each and every animal especially for the dog. Cut them in small pieces and you can feed your dogs to fill up their vitamins lack in dog’s body.

Avocado, Yeast, Onion, Grapes, Alcoholic drinks should not be given to your dogs. These home foods are too much toxic to them. If you also want to buy them commercial foods, make sure that you know what you will buy. You can read some reviews online like the nutrisource dog food review. Make your home garden sustainable You can grow different types of vegetables in your garden. For ensuring your family nutrition source and also for your dog’s, it can save your marketing time and money too as you easily find it These self-growing vegetables will more fresh than the market’s veggies. You can easily try it. It will much beneficial for yours.

Using email automation for the implementation of the project

Email automation ( is the modern marketing strategy applied by major companies who want to take marketing to the next level. It is the most efficient marketing strategy for faster implementation of a project. There is numerous Email marketing automation in the market. Some include Ontraport, ConvertKit, premium email marketing by infusionsoft, Marketo among others. Before you make a choice of the best Email marketing automation, carry out SWOT analysis of the software; based on the project at hand then make a

Email marketing automation makes you generate relevant leads, which you can classify and send Email campaigns to the relevant audience. The traffic drives to your site are tremendous compared to traditional mainstream media. You are able to interact with the audience, it gets feedback on their thoughts about the campaign with an aim of improving future Email marketing campaigns.

The software has additional services which can also help in the implementation of the project. The main one is social media integration; it is the best value-added service, which is a marketing tool on its own. Other services include landing pages, Email tracking, sales funnels, and finally the pricing plan based on the number of subscribers in your subscription list.

Email automation helps you build a marketing campaign tool to communicate to subscribers on the upcoming project. They contain various Email campaign templates that suit any project. It is the first step in the implementation of the project.

Email automation allows you to monitor all the actions taken by the email recipients. This will guide you on the effectiveness of each of the campaign to lead you to similar campaign for upcoming projects.

The strength Email automation boasts of is the alert notification on any action you should take to keep an eye on your recipients and answer any feedback. The automated system also generated statistics and demographic data for each campaign. This helps you monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of every campaign you design and generate.

Before rolling out the program, the software developers’ tests the tool with your project and solve any mishaps that may arise. Some of them do not have set up fees, and provide after sales service during the implementation of the product. They also provide training for the toolkit, so that you are able to understand all the features the package has. This is important for your business since you can take advantage of the numerous features the software has to offer. The overall benefit is it increases subscription and lead generation, which turns into sales.

Email marketing automation has simplified marketing and increased client based. However, it might only be effective when your audience is tech savvy since it is purely Email based. What of clients who are not on Email platform? You should incorporate other marketing strategies to ensure you meet a wider target audience. Email marketing automation occupies a higher percentage of the marketing department since, if well utilized it has a higher success rate compared to other marketing strategies.

Ping Pong Tournament to Market the Sustainability Program

Sustainability of a program defines its success. Holding Ping Pong Tournament is a great way to market the sport with an aim of supporting its activities. The game is gaining popularity globally increasing demand for the frequent tournament to bring together like minds in the game. Ping Pong game is best when played for a big cause.

Why use Ping Pong?

Ping Pong is a brain game, which attracts participants from various levels. International players also meet their fans at these events. Non Profit making Organizations also use the sport to create awareness about the sport and other relevant programs among participants.

How to Market the Program through Ping Pong

Sustainability is a broad concept, which touches all three components, environment, society and the economy. The three are interconnected with a unit of purpose.


The surrounding of an individual needs to be conducive and comfortable. It is through this that one has the strength to run all other programs. This is possible through the involvement of sustainable measures to conserve the environment. As you tend to ensure the program is for the benefit of the target market. The tournament should cater for the needs of the players, participants, and entrepreneurs who all grace the occasion. You can also use the platform to convert participants to players as well as spread the message to others for future tournaments.


Society plays a vital role in marketing. They are the first recipient of the information. Participants are derived from the society; the marketing strategy used determines the number of participants. It is advisable to vary the marketing tactics to reach a wider audience who further increases participation in the tournament.


The economy of a country covers both capital and infrastructure. Ping Pong Tournaments must be held is a place that is well managed with all facilities available. The venue must have all basic requirements; this is only possible when the economy of the country is stable to develop such a venue, which can accommodate a huge number of participants for the tournament. Any business enterprise contributes hugely to the economy of the country; whether is it a small company or a blue chip company through taxes and P.A.Y.E from their employees. Ping Pong tournaments inclusive. The higher the participation the better the taxes they remit to the government since it depicts more income from the proceeds. Nonprofit making organizations do not pay taxes directly, but the income from employees income caters for some percentage of the tax remitted.

Ping Pong tournament is not expensive to organize; irrespective of the type of program, it can be used as a marketing tool to attract participation to the program. Nonprofit-making  organizations have used the sport to create awareness for various charity programs. The recent World championships held in Rio saw an audience of 2 million for the men’s singles final game. This means the sport has the power to attract a large audience, which is the first market for any program. Use Ping Pong tournament as a marketing strategy to meet your target audience.


The involvement of society in the program through offset smoker foods


Offset smoker( foods showcase different cuisines in the human race. The method of cooking might be similar but the foods prepared are different based on location. When planning for a program, you need to consider the target market and participations so as to include their menu. Other participants find it a great opportunity to sample different cuisines and use of smoked foods and their mode of preparation. The society needs to get involved in various programs despite their races, religious, backgrounds and professions. Food is a great way to bring people together, feeding people to their fill allows them to relax and comfortable. Using offset smoked food to drive a program is a unique and noble idea.Check reviews of Smokers

BBQ grill smokers are suited for outdoor events; this means they meet at informal setups a proper way to network, interact and share a lot while exchanging ideas. There are cases the society might not like a program introduced to them, use this platform to communicate positive effects of the program. Food ensures you factor in every individual and their presence is becoming the first step in the positive communication of a program.

The program might be time-consuming, to keep the audience alert and stay longer to proceed with the events of the day. Let them have a break and enjoy offset smoked meals prepared at the venue. Since they are able to see ingredients and hygienic conditions the meals are prepared, chances at least they will have a bite and even ask for more, in extreme cases ask for recipes to adopt it at their home setups.

Entrepreneurs in the food industry can also use the platform to display their menu plans. They attract their clientele who have envied their meals and probably want to see, the secret behind their success. You can take advantage of the presence of the locals to drive your agenda.

Societal participation is vital in any program launched from their location. Its success is also determined by on societal perception of the program. Naturally, everything is done within your locality you may want a say on it. You can engage influential locals to pitch a tent and contract a restaurant owner to offer smoked foods to participants. As long as there are locals on the frontline, be sure the rest of the society will find it easy to digest and positively disseminate the information within their reach and beyond. Before you know it, you are overwhelmed by demand for more services of the program.


In general, societal involvement in a program helps easy consumption and implementation of the project among the target market. It removes any suspicion on the motive of your program within their society. However, great care needs to be taken; do not overlook local administration and authorities before you even involve the society. They are the eye of the society for they have a huge influence and following. A good rapport with them means easy penetration of the program to your target.

The First Round of Public Meetings Have Been Scheduled!

The FIRST ROUND OF PUBLIC MEETINGS have been SCHEDULED! –  The first round of Public Meetings for the Cleaner Greener Communities Finger Lakes Regional Sustainability Plan will be January 15, 2013 from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Genesee County Administration Building II located at 3837 West Main Street Road, Batavia, NY and the Sanford Room at the Hobart & William Smith Collages Library in Geneva, New York and January 16, 2013 at the Rochester Institute of Technology Golisano Institute for Sustainability in Rochester, New York.  The meetings are being held in 3 locations to minimize travel for interested residents. See below for a flyer with directions for each meeting location.