6 Tips for Making Our Homes Eco-Friendly

Now more than ever, it’s vital to maintain an eco-friendly environment. Human activities have continued to influence the ecosystem in diverse ways.

Changing our approach to how we handle the ecosystem as individuals will help produce the overall desired healthy ecosystem. Starting from our homes, we can make better choices on how we directly impact the environment.

Some of the suggestions we provide in this article will help you make necessary adjustments in your home. The little changes you make on your current lifestyle will aid in significant ways, to bring about the needed healthy environment.

1.  Your Home Decoration

How you decorate your home will help make it elegant and attractive to your visitors. Making the right choice of decorations can make your home beautiful and eco-friendly.

Using potted plants will help keep the air in your home fresh and filtered. Also, natural plants and flowers add bright and welcoming colors to your home and help your visitors feel more relaxed. Taking care of the plants in your home could require a little effort on your part, but the beauty is entirely worth your time.

Matching curtains and blinds will help add to the beauty of your flowers. Beyond making your home beautiful, curtains help to keep heat out during hot seasons and cold out during the cold seasons. It’ll help reduce your use of the air conditioner and reduce effects on the environment.

2.  Use Your Kitchen Smartly

Ensure you’re not using more energy in your kitchen than is required. Some people prefer using the oven for their toast in place to the toaster. They think the oven is more efficient. But the toaster uses less energy and toasts your bread better.

Reduce food waste, when you have excess food, use the refrigerator to preserve them. Always ascertain your refrigerator is in proper working conditions. Check the compressor and other refrigerating components regularly, and ensure a high flow of the cooling gases that preserves the fridge content.

Close your oven and refrigerator doors after each use, and don’t leave them open for long. The longer the doors remain open, the more energy gets wasted.

3.  Consider Drying Lines

The washing machine makes use of significant energy for drying clothes. It directly impacts on your utility bills and affects the ecosystem.

Using clothing lines to dry your clothes instead, will significantly reduce the energy consumed by your washing machine. You’ll equally reduce your utility bills—a win-win for you and the environment.

4.  Save All the Energy You Can

Replace all the lighting in your home with energy-saving bulbs. These are eco-friendly, low cost, efficient lighting bulbs that are fit for your home. Using energy bulbs will help reduce your utility bills and put more money in your pocket.

Unplug any appliance that’s out of use. Whenever you’re leaving home, check again, and ensure all your devices and switches are off.

5.  Eliminate Water Waste

The availability of water directly affects nature. Consuming less water in your home will make more available for the ecosystem, and millions of other people living in a water shortage.

Instead of running the tap continuously while doing the dishes, using a bowl is a better alternative. Don’t just leave the shower on, use only the right amount of water you need. All of these add to the amount of water wasted in our homes.

Use water filters to ensure the water supplied to your home is safe for drinking and other use. Using water filters in place of buying plastics will save you cost and reduce the number of plastic waste on the environment.

6.  Plant a Garden

Use the extra space around your home for a homegrown garden. Your garden will encourage an eco-friendly environment.

Plant any crop of your choice on the garden, and nurture them. You can opt for vegetables and other herbs that’ll produce what you need for cooking. Besides, you’ll have something to keep you busy, watering, and tending your garden.

Your garden can also provide shelter for some reptiles, and thereby encourage the survival of wildlife.


Having a healthy, eco-friendly home is easy to achieve. It only requires a few adjustments on how you currently handle some things in your home. Also, maintaining an eco-friendly home will significantly save you cost and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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