A Dog Show to Gather Funds and Donors for the Program

Written By: Lori Georgia

Date: November 29, 2016

Dogs are pets that have become part of many households. Using them for a dog show to raise funds for a charity course is a noble idea. Dog shows attract a huge audience; you can take advantage of this to charge an affordable fee at the entrance as well as dog participation fee to raise funds for the program. Naturally, humans love offering a helping hand, to ensure you achieve maximum benefits for this program, communicate early the aim of the show and prove the proceeds are for a charity program. It will achieve marvelous direct or indirect support.

Make sure that when conducting a dog show, every details should be clear to you. Like having a clean and healthy environment. In a dog’s life, there is an existence of glucose in a dog for a healthy environment which can also affect the mood of the show. You should interact and communicate with your dog for a better and successful event.

How to Plan a Successful Dog Show
Market the show
The first step is to market the show. Use both old and new marketing strategies to ensure you reach a wider market. Remember, the more the number of people the better the funds. Use Email automation services to create awareness of the show. The software has great Email marketing campaign templates to help you customize the show to suit your audience. The auto responders also allow you to interact with clients passively, this keeps them valued and respected. Use the software features like alert notifications to respond to any inquiries on time. Do not forget print and audio media to reach the local audience since they are the best for participation. A dog cannot catch up a plane for a 5-hour dog show. That does not make economic sense. Another thing to market the show is to show people that they can enjoy food in a clean environment while watching the show. Always remember that clean and healthy environment is good for human and dogs.

Interact with target audience on social media
Social media is here to help you interact with participants. Open a Facebook page for the show and even run marketing campaigns on it. Share this to stand a chance to win a free ticket. Who does not want a free ticket? The sharing facility widens your network of market advertisement. It is also a platform to interact and get feedback on what participants require.

Widen your payments platforms
Have an online payment system linked to your website; this will help reach out to donors who will not be able to make it to the show but willing to contribute. Psychologically, use this for the subsidized fee for early bookings. This will help you plan and project the number of participants for logistics purposes.

Advertise for the show
Massive advertisement for the show is an added advantage. Participants can only get the message through advertisement. When one sees the advertisements on different platforms it shows seriousness and professionalism in the event.

Award the best dog
Have a reward scheme for the show. A pet owner will train his dog to ensure it emerges the best in the show. This improves participation and adds fun to the event. People love to work for a reward. The spirit of competition is entertaining, meaning more diverse dog tactics for the show. The awards should be in different categories to widen the scope of competition.

Dog shows is a great attraction for donors and charity event enthusiasts. It also widens participation not only to dog lovers but also to stakeholders for the charity event.

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