Can Woodworkers Save the Environment?

The mention of the word earth conservation the first thing that runs to peoples minds is the trees.

Although this is something you can’t fail to mention; earth conservation is a broader topic that involves anything that helps to secure natural resources.

As much as woodworkers use wood as the raw material, they can be the best conservationist contrary to people’s thoughts.

This is only possible if and only if they are part of the solution through total involvement in the conservation programs.

Telling a woodworker to save the environment looks like playing the guitar to an animal, but, wait a minute, these are the stakeholders.

There is no way you can run a program successfully without involving the stakeholders for the following reasons

  • They understand the intricacies in the industries
  • They have the solution based on experience
  • They have the skills which they can redefine in line with earth conservation measures
  • They are the direct contact person to help in the fight against the destruction of natural resources

How then can woodworkers save the environment?

  1. Consider an alternative option as a raw material

The skills are the most crucial concept for a woodworker. The fact that he can mold designs to make perfect interior and exterior décor projects from wood; means he can also use the same skill now with other raw materials like paper, metal, and plastic.

What makes wood the best option is the fact that it’s biodegradable and has a minimal effect when it’s disposed to the environment.

Come to think of it, can you afford to let the land bare because of this? Of course not. Woodworkers can transfer the skill using alternative raw material for the benefit of saving the planet earth. 

  • Use recycled wood

A woodworker doesn’t need fresh wood from the tree to make beautiful designs.

They can opt to use reclaimed wood from old homes, abandoned houses, and leftovers from refurbished buildings.

That alone will save the environment since minimal trees will be cut in the name of completing woodwork projects.

The added advantage of this is the ability also to keep leftover wood, instead of using them as wood fuel for the next upcoming project.

  • Be on the forefront in the fight against the destruction of the environment

When you have planet conservation programs and leave the woodworker out of it, it’s like directly condemning them.

In that case, they need to be on the frontline in the fight. It’s a psychological way of sorting current issues.

They can’t preach water and drink wine if they say that fell a tree and plant five more, it’s a win-win deal.

With such a policy, you haven’t affected their business at the same time you have a better way of replacing what is already lost.

It’s the similar effect you get when you also use the band saw for resawing for a fantastic performance of the woodwork tool. 

  • Legally acquire wood with proper environmental control measures

Most governments have taken it upon themselves to have control measures to save the environment.

Some go to the point that they impose bans on illegal felling of trees. To ensure that woodworkers run legal business; they have put strict mechanisms to ensure that they license the woodworker with specific control geared towards saving the environment. 

  • Use wood species that are in excess

The message here is the felling of trees where they aren’t needed. It’s detrimental when you have a shortage, yet, you continue to fell in the name of the woodwork business.

Continuous felling of trees is harmful to the ozone layer, now that it affects the depletion of this part of the atmosphere.

Also, it interferes with the hydrological cycle. In that case, woodworkers can still enjoy the benefits that come with this rare skill.

Use only the raw material in areas where there is a minimal effect in case of felling down of any. 

Wood is considered a renewable natural resource. Even if it finds itself to the environment still; it rots to form humus for plant growth.

That is not a challenge; the big question is wood takes time to become something valuable for a woodworker.

That is the basis for environmental conservation advocacy. It means that you need to focus on a sustainable woodworking strategy, which is more beneficial to all.

In short, you can’t ignore the presence and effect of woodworkers when it comes to environmental conservation.

Being the significant stakeholders, you can’t afford to leave them out in the earth’s preservation equation.

Therefore, use them as brand ambassadors and as environment safety advocates to the entire public in the dissemination of information.

Remember, woodworkers are all over, including the remote villages.

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