Materials and Waste Management

Written By: Lori Georgia

Date: May 25, 2021


The Materials and Waste Management Stakeholder Group is tasked to evaluate representative waste and materials management practices throughout the Finger Lakes region and determine strategies to reduce the waste produced and stored; and to reduce GHG emissions associated with waste management. The Plan will assess:

  • A representative set of local recycling policies;
  • Landfill methane capture and disposal;
  • Energy recovery from accumulated waste;
  • Composting programs;
  • Strategies for decreasing the amount of waste incinerated; and
  • Programs that incentivize the reuse of construction waste.

Meeting Minutes (click to download):
Materials & Waste Management Meeting Minutes #1
Materials & Waste Management Meeting Minutes #2
Stakeholder Meeting Minutes # 3 ( all 6 groups)

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