Ping Pong Tournament to Market the Sustainability Program

Written By: Lori Georgia

Date: December 27, 2016

Sustainability of a program defines its success. Holding Ping Pong Tournament is a great way to market the sport with an aim of supporting its activities. The game is gaining popularity globally increasing demand for the frequent tournament to bring together like minds in the game. Ping Pong game is best when played for a big cause.

Why use Ping Pong?

Ping Pong is a brain game, which attracts participants from various levels. International players also meet their fans at these events. Non Profit making Organizations also use the sport to create awareness about the sport and other relevant programs among participants.

How to Market the Program through Ping Pong

Sustainability is a broad concept, which touches all three components, environment, society and the economy. The three are interconnected with a unit of purpose.


The surrounding of an individual needs to be conducive and comfortable. It is through this that one has the strength to run all other programs. This is possible through the involvement of sustainable measures to conserve the environment. As you tend to ensure the program is for the benefit of the target market. The tournament should cater for the needs of the players, participants, and entrepreneurs who all grace the occasion. You can also use the platform to convert participants to players as well as spread the message to others for future tournaments.


Society plays a vital role in marketing. They are the first recipient of the information. Participants are derived from the society; the marketing strategy used determines the number of participants. It is advisable to vary the marketing tactics to reach a wider audience who further increases participation in the tournament.


The economy of a country covers both capital and infrastructure. Ping Pong Tournaments must be held is a place that is well managed with all facilities available. The venue must have all basic requirements; this is only possible when the economy of the country is stable to develop such a venue, which can accommodate a huge number of participants for the tournament. Any business enterprise contributes hugely to the economy of the country; whether is it a small company or a blue chip company through taxes and P.A.Y.E from their employees. Ping Pong tournaments inclusive. The higher the participation the better the taxes they remit to the government since it depicts more income from the proceeds. Nonprofit making organizations do not pay taxes directly, but the income from employees income caters for some percentage of the tax remitted.

Ping Pong tournament is not expensive to organize; irrespective of the type of program, it can be used as a marketing tool to attract participation to the program. Nonprofit-making  organizations have used the sport to create awareness for various charity programs. The recent World championships held in Rio saw an audience of 2 million for the men’s singles final game. This means the sport has the power to attract a large audience, which is the first market for any program. Use Ping Pong tournament as a marketing strategy to meet your target audience.


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