Using email automation for the implementation of the project

Written By: Lori Georgia

Date: March 1, 2017

Email automation ( is the modern marketing strategy applied by major companies who want to take marketing to the next level. It is the most efficient marketing strategy for faster implementation of a project. There is numerous Email marketing automation in the market. Some include Ontraport, ConvertKit, premium email marketing by infusionsoft, Marketo among others. Before you make a choice of the best Email marketing automation, carry out SWOT analysis of the software; based on the project at hand then make a

Email marketing automation makes you generate relevant leads, which you can classify and send Email campaigns to the relevant audience. The traffic drives to your site are tremendous compared to traditional mainstream media. You are able to interact with the audience, it gets feedback on their thoughts about the campaign with an aim of improving future Email marketing campaigns.

The software has additional services which can also help in the implementation of the project. The main one is social media integration; it is the best value-added service, which is a marketing tool on its own. Other services include landing pages, Email tracking, sales funnels, and finally the pricing plan based on the number of subscribers in your subscription list.

Email automation helps you build a marketing campaign tool to communicate to subscribers on the upcoming project. They contain various Email campaign templates that suit any project. It is the first step in the implementation of the project.

Email automation allows you to monitor all the actions taken by the email recipients. This will guide you on the effectiveness of each of the campaign to lead you to similar campaign for upcoming projects.

The strength Email automation boasts of is the alert notification on any action you should take to keep an eye on your recipients and answer any feedback. The automated system also generated statistics and demographic data for each campaign. This helps you monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of every campaign you design and generate.

Before rolling out the program, the software developers’ tests the tool with your project and solve any mishaps that may arise. Some of them do not have set up fees, and provide after sales service during the implementation of the product. They also provide training for the toolkit, so that you are able to understand all the features the package has. This is important for your business since you can take advantage of the numerous features the software has to offer. The overall benefit is it increases subscription and lead generation, which turns into sales.

Email marketing automation has simplified marketing and increased client based. However, it might only be effective when your audience is tech savvy since it is purely Email based. What of clients who are not on Email platform? You should incorporate other marketing strategies to ensure you meet a wider target audience. Email marketing automation occupies a higher percentage of the marketing department since, if well utilized it has a higher success rate compared to other marketing strategies.

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